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Jump N Play Rules

    Play Rules

  • Socks  are mandatory for parents and children- no shoes/bare feet allowed in the play area.

  • Waiver must be signed for each child in the facility.

  • No toys allowed on the climbing structure.

  • No climbing on the outside of the structure.

  • No drinking, eating or gum chewing in the play area.

  • No sharp objects / knives are allowed in the facility.

  • No running.

     Adult Supervision

  • Children must be accompanied by an adult to enter the facility.

  • Adult Supervision required at all times.

  • Parents are responsible for their children at all times.

    Food Rules

  • No outside food/drinks allowed.

  • Jump N Play is a peanut/nut free facility. No peanut/nut products are allowed.

  • Food or drinks are not allowed in the Play Area

  • We have plenty of space for you to leave your belongings, food, and drinks!

  • If your child is craving a drink or snack, please have them enjoy it in the cafe area.

    Party Rules

  • We require a $150.00 non-refundable deposit when reserving a birthday party.

  • Reservations can be made over the phone or in person.

  • Please do not arrive earlier than 15 minutes before your birthday party.

  • We request that your party finish at the designated time. A $50 charge will be applied if you fail to do so.

  • An extra half hour can be purchased for $50 upon availability. To ensure availability please let us know during the booking of your party.

  • Please do not tape any decorations on the walls.

  • Helium balloons are ONLY allowed if tied down with a weight.

  • We kindly ask to tidy up the party area at the end of your party.


Jump N Play is an UNSUPERVISED play area. Parents/Guardians are fully responsible for their children's safety. Jump N Play is not responsible for missing, damage, loss of personal property and any injuries that might occur from unsafe or improper use of equipment. Improper use of equipment or rough play will result in the child removal from the play area. Jump N Play is a peanut/nut free facility.  Even though we are a peanut/nut free facility, WE DO NOT GUARANTEE TO BE PEANUT/NUT FREE.

*Socks can be purchased at the front desk.

*If you or your child are not in your best health, please visit us when you are feeling better. It will make us feel better too ! We do ask that you use hand sanitizer before entering the play area. Hand sanitizer can be found at the front desk and by the restrooms.

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