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Highly recommend checking out Jump N Play!
This space is bright, clean and inviting. Their layout allows you to watch both the older and younger kid areas easily. They have a designated play area for 2 years and under. The jungle gym part was my daughter’s fave who is 7. There are slides, zip lines, and more. If you’re hungry they have a very reasonably priced cafe with snacks and drinks too.

Such a perfect place to take my baby and toddler. It’s hard to find a place that are fun for both. We typically stay away from indoor play lands during flu season but they shut down and clean multiple times a day so it’s perfect! Love it here and highly recommend!

This place is great! I brought my 3 year old son here and it was perfect. First off they work by time slots which means it's not overly crowded and you can use the "it's closing" tactic to get your kids to leave so you don't have a meltdown on your hands. It's very open so you can see your kiddo from just about anywhere you stand. Adults can actually fit in the play structure. There's an area for younger kids. None of the toys are too loud. There are no arcade type things to overwhelm parents or kids. They have a quiet room for overstimulated kids, they have two family bathrooms, They have a cafe area that currently only has packaged snacks like chips and bars, and cold drinks but soon they will have lunch foods (and it's affordable!) Overall just a great experience and will definitely be going back, often!

What a fantastic play space! There is plenty to do - it’s always so nice to have a space that has both imaginative play and gross motor activities. Something for everyone!

I also appreciated the staff was considerate that my children and I were a bit late for the our time slot. They offered me a coffee on the house, (which I imagine was because of our shortened playtime) which meant a lot, as my family just experienced a loss and the gesture was touching at a tough time. (Obviously not something they were aware of, but feels like it speaks to the kindness of those working there!)

My 1 and 3 year olds had a blast! Best of all they offer lollipops on the way out, which made leaving just that much easier. They clearly know their crowd! Can’t wait to go back.

WHAT AN AMAZING TIME!!! This is the PERFECT place for kiddos! It’s a mixture of Chatter Splatter and Little Pod, I hate saying other places, but it’s the best way to describe it. It is the perfect mix! The play place pretty big and is similar to urban air but a little smaller and they have a bounce house! The toy selection is awesome for kids to play all roles. The sensory items are a mixture that can soothe all kids. The bathrooms are accommodating for all ages, I know weird to say but was very impressed. They were big on cleaning at the end, and there was no pressure! You can’t beat the pricing either. It was such a fun and relaxed environment for kids to get their energy out! The owners are so sweet! I highly recommend and we will most definitely be back!! Here are just a few pictures, but I recommend checking out yourself!!

Perfect indoor place for the kiddos. We came to their grand opening and the owners are so warm and welcoming. They also ensure the facility is clean after each session. The play area is perfect for all ages too. My son had an amazing time and we can’t wait to come back!

Can’t say enough good things about this place! Fun toys and jungle gym. We love playing here! Always clean, great prices especially food. Owners are very friendly!

Can’t say enough good things about this place! Fun toys and jungle gym. We love playing here! Always clean, great prices especially food. Owners are very friendly!

Been here twice so far and both times my daughter had a great time. I have noticed though that the parents are a bit more "helicoptery" here than at other local indoor playgrounds, but that doesn't have anything to do with the business, just an observation. This place is fairly priced, extremely clean, friendly service, and I would Def recommend if you have young kids 😊

One of the best play places around! There is such a great selection of toys and equipment. My kids had a blast! The facility was super clean and everything we could have needed was there from snacks to step stools and toddler seats in the bathroom. We will definitely be back!

Jump and Play was recommended by a co-worker! He had nothing but incredible things to say + how friendly and personable Chris the owner was. Fast forward three trips later and hands down our first choice was to have our sons second birthday party here! Chris was patient, attentive and accommodating to our large party of forty-five people! Since our sons party we’ve been back twice. Jump and Play is clean and creative space for all ages. One thing that I can really appreciate as a parent is that all the toys work and they’re always changing! Today we went and the roller coaster was a huge hit! I highly recommend Jump and Play and give it a 5+ star rating!!

Our almost 5 yo had a great time here. The place is very clean especially compared to others we have visited, great bathroom facilities. Service was friendly and the equipment had jungle gym area really held her interest with a nice variety of challenges. We will definitely be back regularly.

Great place to take little ones. Very clean and has a good mix of imagination based toys (kitchens, blocks, shopping centers) and a jungle gym. Staff is kind to kids and make an atmosphere that’s fun but not hyper.

We had our child's birthday here and it was seamless and stress free. The owner, Chris, took care of everything. It's very clean and doesn't ever feel crowded to us. Perfect bday spot!

Had my son’s 3rd birthday party here. Was an awesome time, the owner Chris was so helpful. Pizza was delicious. My husband kept saying this was the best party we’ve ever had for our kids. It is so clean and there’s so much for the kids to do there. No one was ever bored. Definitely recommend Jump N Play!

Awesome new play area that my two young kids loved! There were a lot of great baby/toddler toys, climbing structures, slides, and a bounce house - great for a variety of ages! Parents can even go in the jungle gym area and down the slides which was fun. There is a cafe serving coffee, pretzels, and cute snack bags where the kids can pick chips, fruit snacks, juice, etc for a really reasonable price. The whole space was extremely clean and the owners are very nice & accommodating. We will definitely be back!

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